The Tea Bar

South Africa’s FIRST Take Away Tea Bar dedicated to modernly adapting tea to suit a modern market.

Choose from a wide range of Tea Lattes, Iced Tea Slushies and Speciali-teas

If you’re hungry we have delicious tea infused sweet treats.

We have over 45 different kinds of uniquely blended, packaged loose leaf teas to buy and enjoy at home. There is a changing offering of tea equipment to get you on your way to brewing the perfect cup, or to perfect your existing art.

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The ceremony room offers a respite from the chaos of the world. It is a place to connect with yourself, with others, and with your environment.

Enjoy a range of speciality teas through tastings, tea and food pairings or even traditional tea ceremonies. The room can service small functions, meetings and hosts special tea events monthly.

Tea brings you to harmony, clarity of mind, awakening, clear sightedness, tranquility, peace, luminosity, energy and love. It is a secret shared by tea lovers the world over.

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We cater to small private functions in our ceremony room for birthdays, bachelorettes or get togethers of any kind.

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Patrick and Dikeledi will navigate your journey and serve you the best tea in town.

Welcome To Lady Bonin's Tea

Tea is Connectivity

In 2008 I travelled with a dear friend to India for the first time. If you have ever been or have met anyone who has been to India, you will know that it is a place of complete opposites, never stagnant and never one complete thing. Beyond the enticing lure of enthralling contradictions, India touched me in an unexpected way...

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