Toci is an Aztec deity, attributed as the Mother Goddess, Fire and Fertility as well as Heart of the Earth. White tea is widely believed to be China’s earliest form of tea.

Robust, spicy, fragrant and sweet liquid that is powerful and deep, creating a warm and soothing heat.

20 Servings | Biodegradable Tea Bags | Two infusions

25 Servings | Loose Leaf



It does not involve any of the other processing such as that experienced by black or green tea varieties such as panning, rolling or shaking. The selection of tea leaves in white tea production is extremely stringent; only the plucking of the young tea leaves with fine hairs can produce good-quality white tea. The two youngest leaves with a bud are picked and air-dried for white tea. It is therefore considered the most natural of teas.

Originating in the Fujian province of China, it is considered the oldest and most “natural” of teas. Only buds with 2 or 3 new leaves still attached are picked. It is known for the small white hairs on the ends of the leaves. These leaves are wilted naturally in drying rooms or in the sun without being rolled to prevent oxidation. This allows for the small white hairs to be present on the leaves in amongst the stalk and bud and the retaining a high level of chemicals, which produce its health benefits.

She gives birth to all celestial things and has the power to consume or create life. Pai Mu Tan is considered the most natural of teas due to its processing method. Only buds with 2 or 3 new leaves are picked and used in this tea. It is known for the small white hairs on the ends of the leaves, which is testament to its quality and delicate creation.

Directions: 1 level teaspoon per 200ml water. Steep for 3 to 5 minutes.

Ingredients: Pai Mu Tan otherwise known as White Peony Tea, *Cloves, *Orange.

Source: China. Blended in Cape Town.

Status: Contains *Organic Ingredients. Contains Caffeine.

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 8 × 4.5 × 18.5 cm

Our packaging is 100% Plastic Free, sustainably sourced and 100% recyclable.


Contains Caffeine – Not suitable for children, during pregnancy or while breast feeding.

Produced in a factory that uses peanuts and tree nuts.

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