Moulin Rouge


Created to encapsulate that luxurious, diamond encrusted cabaret, the infinity of forbidden love, the indulgence of all things fine.

Wild picked organic Rooibos is blended with Rose Buds and Vanilla; a decadent submerging that evokes luxury and indulgence. It is sweet, floral, woody and smooth.

20 Servings | Biodegradable Tea Leaves

25 Servings | Loose Leaf



Indigenous tribes of South Africa used Rooibos to accompany them on their hunting trips, which would last for many days. Associated with the sun, it was seen as a giver of life. As a legume, Rooibos allows its community plants to thrive by converting nitrogen in the air to a usable substance in the soil. It brings life and balance to the ecosystem.

Our Rooibos has been sustainably harvested from the Wild. Allowing the plants to grow in the wild supports the delicate Fynbos ecosystem, contributing to better plant and soil conditions as well as adaptation to climate change, thus benefiting the entire plant community and allowing it to thrive. This results in a Premium Quality, Organic product.

It is red lips and perfume, jewels and silk, curls and pearls, exotic incense and petal confetti, it is romance of the self and romance of the other, it is a bubble bath with champagne, it is an organza tent, it is a warm scented breeze on a hot summers night, it is glitter and chimes, it is the tango, it is a language, it is love.

Directions: 1-heaped teaspoon per 200ml boiling water. Steep for 5 to 10 minutes.

Ingredients: Wild Rooibos, Rose Petals, Vanilla

Origin:Cederberg, Western Cape, South Africa

Status: Organic. No Caffeine.

Options: Loose Leaf and Biodegradable Tea Bag

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 8 × 4.5 × 18.5 cm

Our packaging is 100% Plastic Free, sustainably sourced and 100% recyclable.


Produced in a factory that uses peanuts and tree nuts.