Our Story

Lady Bonin’s Tea is a South African based company that sources, blends, packages and distributes full leaf teas, either loose or in biodegradable tea bags.

The teas and herbals are sourced locally and internationally from small-scale, social and environmentally driven farms that are organic wherever possible, and that go beyond organic into Wild and Biodiverse. The predominantly organic herb, spice, fruit and floral ingredients are 100% real, with no additives, creating unique blends that are a premium quality and deep flavour cascades. The company is Organic and Halaal certified.

Where it all began

Founded in 2010 by Jessica Bonin, aka Lady Bonin, out of a 1975 Jurgens Caravan selling take-away tea at markets, festivals and private functions. It was South Africa’s first Food Truck and the worlds first Tea Caravan! Lady Bonin’s Tea was selling take away tea before Starbucks!

Where it is today

Today, Lady Bonin’s Tea has its own in-house production facility where all product development, blending, packaging and distribution occur. Once the teas are blended, they are packaged under the Lady Bonin’s Tea brand and distributed to various retail outlets, through online avenues, to restaurants and hotels. We are slowly tapping into export markets.

Lady Bonin’s Tea opened South Africa’s very first Tea Bar in 2016. It was a unique concept that took every way you can enjoy coffee and replaces it with tea. Why does coffee get to have all the fun? The Tea Bar has been closed to facilitate our wholesale and distribution avenues.

In 2015 Lady Bonin’s Tea took part in a Business Incubator program focusing on Impact Business. At the end of the incubator a pitch deck was held to raise funding and select a winner for the incubator. Lady Bonin’s Tea won, securing its first round of funding and leading to its now partners, Hivos Food and Lifestyle Fund.

About Jess

Jessica Bonin aka Lady Bonin, who is also affectionately known as The Tea Lady, is a Philosophy, Theatre, Film and Business Graduate. She left the manic commercial film industry in 2010 to pursue a life of purpose, fuelled by mastery and passion, the platform for which became Tea. After starting out of a caravan with no funding, Jessica has grown Lady Bonin’s Tea into a fully-fledged retail, tea sourcing, processing, packaging and distribution Company over the past 7 years.

Through Lady Bonin’s Tea, Jessica has spearheaded a tea-evolution in South Africa, becoming a trend leader in all things Tea. She has personally made over 70000 cups of tea in her short 7 years in the tea world.

Jessica has travelled to many countries in search of teas. On her journeys she has delved into the relevant practices, mastery, philosophies, food, cultures and religions associated with Tea as a creator and benefactor of those civilizations.

Jessica is a philosopher and explorer, hungry for knowledge as well as the understanding of the inner workings of the human mind, society and their origins. She thrives on unlocking the wisdom inherent in the Art of Tea across the world as an interconnected aspect of these origins. More than that, she thrives on sharing these findings with you, the budding tea drinker, through the beautiful connectivity of tea.

Tea isn’t just Jessica’s business; it is her practice.

Lady Bonin’s Tea Bar

Visit South Africa's first Take Away Tea Bar and Ceremony Room for tea lattes, frappes, traditional teas and treats

Visit South Africa's first Tea Bar

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