Wild Buchu Farm in South Africa

Our Buchu has been sustainably harvested from the Wild in the Clanwilliam region of the Western Cape of South Africa for over 100 years. Wild harvesting supports the delicate Fynbos ecosystem, contributing to better plant and soil conditions as well as adaptation to climate change. These practices benefit the entire plant community and allow it to thrive. This results in a Premium Quality, Organic product. The farms we work with are part of community development initiatives.

Buchu is one of South Africa’s oldest exports. It was first exported to Britain in 1790 and in 1821 it was included in the British Pharmacopoeia and later in the British Pharmaceutical Codex. It was originally a traditional San medicinal remedy, and has remained one of the most popular herbal medicines in South Africa today.

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Buchu is an elixir with a minty, fresh and invigorating flavour and aroma. Explore our beautifully harmonious blends.

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