Sri Lankan Carbon Neutral Tea Farms

Our farms are not only organic, but carbon neutral too, thus creating an ecosystem that gives back to the earth.

Jessica spent time in Sri Lanka sourcing teas and learning all the various methods of growing and production. She came across an incredible company that is spearheading biodiversity and organic growing methods in Sri Lanka, and the world. The farms are the only carbon neutral tea farms in Sri Lanka. They also work very closely with their community, empowering women, providing schooling for children and driving profits back into the community. They work closely with small-scale and family run farms.

Sri Lanka is one of the largest producers of tea in the world, employing over 3 million people in the industry. It has a tainted history with unethical farming practices and horrible treatment of farm workers. It was of the utmost importance to source teas that comes from farms that practice organic and sustainable methods, as well as community initiatives at the heart of their cause.