Organic Tea Fields in Japan

Japan is home to our family run organic tea farms. Tea was introduced to Japan by Zen monks who procured growing methods and meditative practices, adapting them to their philosophies and way of life. The tradition was adopted by samurai who made it part of their foundation. The growing methods and production of Tea is an art in Japan.

Jessica spent 2 months in Japan learning the growing, production and preparation methods in order to source some of the best Tea Japan has to offer. Beyond this, she spent time learning its history, ceremonies, philosophy and spirituality to better understand the teas being purveyed.

Lady Bonin’s Tea has paired with an incredible company that provides a platform for the world to connect with a very insular tea industry. Only 20% of Japanese teas are exported. Our partner in Japan has the same passion and vision as we do; a desire to share this plant with the world for its incredible beauty, while benefiting the land and people through this means.

Lady Bonin’s Tea sources from small scale farmers and factories that provide us with beautifully organic teas, farmed this way for generations. There are no chemicals or pesticides and each person in the tea growing communities live among the tea fields. It is part of every aspect of their lives. Tea is as important as water, ingrained in every person that acts as a custodian of this ancient art.

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The Japanese use tea as a means to become present, it is a tool for enlightenment. Get your enlightenment on!

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