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Our Honeybush comes from the Overberg region of the Western Cape of South Africa. It is a coastal grown Honeybush and is literally kissed by the sea mist that rises to meet the hills on which it grows. It is a very unique tasting Honeybush and its flavour is affected beautifully by the ocean.

This particular cultivar of Honeybush is the only one left of its kind. It was propagated from Kirstenbosch over 25 years ago and planted in the  Overberg. Soon after a fire destroyed Kirstenbosch and the Honeybush with it. They are working with a university to potentially propagate this unique Honeybush in other areas and allow the plant to thrive.

This organic farm uses biodiverse farming methods, meaning they not only avoid the use of pesticide, but also do not prevent the surrounding plant life from growing in the fields among the Honeybush crop. This allows the plant to thrive similar to the wild grown Rooibos because the plants are able to interact with their environment. This interaction maintains an ecosystem which benefits the make up of the plant in its nutritional value, and also the land on which it grows.

The farm is fair-trade registered and work hard to support the community through jobs, beyond fair pay and community support and development.

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Honeybush flowers and leaves taste naturally like honey, hence it's name. Sweetness without the guilt.

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