Our Farms

Lady Bonin’s Tea sources from farms that are not only Organic, but sustainable. The farming practices are either biodiverse, sustainable wild pickings, carbon neutral or small scale, if not all of the aforementioned.

Taking the community into mind allows us to make sure that every person benefits along the way. Just as the environment is potentially abused to meet demand, so are people in the pursuit of high profits and decreased expenses. Therefore we are very specific about sourcing from small scale farms that also work to develop and give back to their community. We pay our farmers a premium in this pursuit.

The listed farms have been visited and vetted by Jessica herself to ensure they put these methods into practice, as well as to develop long term relationships that are founded on reciprocity.

Wild Organic Rooibos Farms

Our Rooibos is sustainably harvested from plants that grow wild in the Cederberg mountains of South Africa.

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Sri Lankan Carbon Neutral Farms

Our farms are not only organic, but carbon neutral too, thus creating an ecosystem that gives back to the earth.

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Organic Tea Fields in Japan

Tea was brought to Japan by Zen monks to use in meditation practices, adapting tea to philosophies and spirituality.

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Health Benefits of Tea

Find out the benefits of all these incredible plants and why it is so important to source organic.

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Organic Honeybush Farm

We source coastal grown Honeybush that is literally kissed by the sea mist that rises to meet its hills.

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Wild Organic Buchu Farms

Our Buchu has been sustainably harvested from the Wild in Clanwilliam for over 100 years.

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Sri Lankan Organic Food Forests

While sourcing Teas Jessica found Organic Food Forests. 300 hectares of everything you can see you can eat.

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