What is Matcha Tea

Matcha, first used by Zen monks for meditation, is a finely ground green tea made from a particular kind of green tea leaf known as “Tencha”.

Matcha, like Champagne, is particular to the area in which it is grown, Japan. Japan has a very specific climate, soil composition and altitude, which create the conditions conducive to producing authentic Matcha.

• The leaves used to make Matcha are called “Tencha”
• Tencha is the result of shade growing the green tea
• This results in 90% reduction of sunlight reaching the plant, therefore intensely increasing chlorophyll levels
• The chemicals and nutrients are heightened and concentrated
• The entire leaf is ground in granite grinding wheels, creating a fine, jade-green powder
• It takes 1 hour to grind 30g of Matcha
• Green Tea powder is not always Matcha
• It is important to ensure your Matcha is produced in Japan. If not, it just isn’t the real thing it’s a knockoff!

What are the Benefits Matcha Tea?

The benefits of Matcha tea are one of the main reasons for its incredible growth in popularity, globally.

• Increased neural activity, resulting in clarity of thought and a focused mind
• Calm, relaxation and focus
• Increased energy levels that are not adrenal related
• L-theanine

This incredible amino acid, known as an adaptogen, stimulates the part of your brain that calms you and simultaneously the part of your brain that energises you. Matcha gives you calm focus and energy at the same time.

• High source of Antioxidants
• High source of Chlorophyll
• High source of Energy

Unlike Coffee, which stimulates your adrenal glands to produce cortisol that peaks and drops you, Matcha creates a sustained energy release due to the high levels of Chlorophyll and the interactive properties as containing an Adaptogen

For more detailed information see our page on MATCHA TEA BENEFITS

Is all Matcha created equal?

Matcha can be classified into two categories, which can further be classified into various grades of quality, namely; Ceremonial Matcha and Culinary Matcha. View our Matcha Grade Chart below for more information.

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How To Make Matcha Tea

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