Lady Bonin’s Tea is considered an Impact Business.

We are working hard to ensure our entire range supports community driven farms and cooperatives. Thus, we pay a premium to our farms and farmers because we believe in the value of every link of the chain. Impact business works on the concept that profits can be on par with value systems. As a result we move beyond industry prices dictated by monopolistic corporations that price fix, something the farmers never benefit from. Through this we ensure market access to farmers allowing them to not be bound to selling their produce at low prices for the sake of making ends meet.

If we want a sustainable future for farms, we need to ensure the farming practices are sustainable. There is more to just being organic. Using systems like biodynamic farming, a process that allows ecosystems to thrive by not preventing the outside environment from growing in cultivated fields, allows a stronger plant, healthier soil and climate adaptation. It also focuses on Wild grown plants. If done sustainably, this can allow the environment to increase, maintaining and regenerating endangered genomes and working with plants that are around 50 years old, verse the 3 to 5 year old cultivated fields.


South African herbals and Japanese teas are sourced direct from organic farms that use sustainable farming practices. These practices include using indigenous knowledge, biodynamic farming as well as the sustainable cultivation of Wild plants. The methods that are sustainable not only benefit the plant health, but the ecosystem, the soil and climate change adaptation. This results in a high nutritive content of the plants, adaptability to climate change, environmental preservation and the use of indigenous knowledge.


The fair trade and local cooperative farms are breaking ground through their unique models that supports communities by creating jobs, developing people, supporting education, improving infrastructure, applying mentorship programs and putting profits back into the community.What does this mean? It means that the land, the farmers and the communities are supported through the many aspects that go into the farming value chain, from seed to cup. This is a step beyond fair trade, where the communities are involved in the process and the decisions are made as a collective, actively. Through the platform of the brand and education of the consumer, demand will encourage the shifting of current unethical and archaic farming monopolies which control the markets.


The organic teas and herbals have higher nutrient dense properties due to increased plant health and a lack of chemicals and additives. Consuming these products supports health. It simultaneously provides a healthy alternative to current hot beverages, which are contributing to the increasing ill mental and physical health of people.

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