From the hills of Kyoto comes Matcha, a tea steeped in Japanese lore. Matcha is a finely ground tealeaf that was first used by Zen monks as they believed it invoked mental clarity and physical energy. The Japanese regard Matcha equivalent to 10 cups of green tea. It is the perfect tea for when, just like the monks of old, you need to dedicate yourself to the task ahead.

The tea leaves used to make Matcha are shade grown which produces more chlorophyll, antioxidants and a higher concentrate of the amino acid L theanine, stabilizing the stimulation caffeine brings. And because the tea leaf is ingested, drinking Matcha also means that you consume more of what green tea has to offer.

We have finally received our long awaited Organic Matcha green tea. After travelling in Japan for a month, Lady Bonin was able to learn some of the subtleties inherent in the Japanese tea culture and the incredible tea that is Matcha. Spending 4 months testing a range of beautiful organic Matcha for all their applications, flavor profiles and affection the body and mind, Lady Bonin chose one.


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