Tea is Connectivity

Tea is Connectivity In 2008 I travelled with a dear friend to India for the first time. If you have ever been or have met anyone who has been to India, you will know that it is a place of complete opposites, never stagnant and never one complete thing. Beyond the enticing lure of enthralling contradictions, India touched me in … Read More

As a Woman in Business

  As a Woman in Business Since starting my business journey, I have come to realise that as the platform through which I express my experience, creativity, growth and perception of the world, it has been the most sensational catalyst for discovering who and what I truly am, and where┬ámy place in the world is. Tea is my greatest teacher, … Read More


THE FARMS Lady Bonin’s Tea sources from several farms that follow sustainable organic farming practices as well as community development. Our Rooibos is sourced from a cooperative of 74 farmers in Neeuwoudsville in the North-Western Cape of South Africa. We have chosen to use the sustainably Wild grown Rooibos for a few simple reasons: The Wild Rooibos are rehabilitated plants … Read More