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Lady Bonin’s Tea blends and distributes organic loose leaf teas sourced direct from farms that use sustainable farming practices and are community driven. The teas and herbs, by their source, are exceptionally high in quality, improving nutritive content and flavor density.

It brings the teas from across the world to people, and people to the world of tea by adapting tea to suit, support and inspire a modern lifestyle.


Started in December 2010 out of a caravan selling take away tea in and around Cape Town, it was Cape Town’s first food truck and the worlds first Tea Caravan.


The company currently distributes product to retail outlets, online and through its own shop avenues. It also provides bulk teas with curated menus and experiences to the restaurant trade. We have just entered the export markets, focusing on Malaysia, China, Japan, UK and USA.


Tea’s consumption is uncapped, its flavours are infinite, its benefits are countless and its potential is limitless.


Jessica, aka Lady Bonin, has made around 40000 cups of tea in 4 years. It takes on average 3 minutes per cup of tea. That’s 120000 minutes of learning, exploring, understanding, experiencing and pursuing the mastery of tea. Mastery is a life long endeavor. Tea is Lady Bonin’s business, her passion and her practice.


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